Artist’s Statement

On Puns

“Investigations of multiple forms and structures that coexist in the same place and time” is not a complete sentence. “Getting out early on parole” is also not a complete sentence.

In my family, my parents’ generation included five potters. All four of my grandparents lived in civilian work camps because both of my grandfathers were conscientious objectors during World War II. My paternal grandfather was an important lobbyist in securing the Congressional votes to pass the Voting Rights Act. All four were unapologetic in their love of puns. My sculpture embraces my cultural and familial legacies.

My family’s irreverence for, and playful love of, existing cultural and linguistic forms shape my studio strategies. When my work bridges the coexistence of two or more contradictory sculptural forms, it challenges the function of structures deeply embedded in the wellsprings of our culture. It also bridges what is not right in the world with my highest aspirations. That bridge sways in the wind.

Jordan Taylor

Chicago, IL 2015





Jordan Taylor


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